Welcome Back from ACBS!

Welcome to the American Council of Blind Students blog, The Student Advocate!

One of the major changes this last year, aside from the many that were listed in Tiffany's president's report was the change to the newsletter, The Student Advocate. We decided that a blog would be more efficient for our purposes, and it also allows us, and you the student, a lot more flexibility in terms of the content that can be posted. We are always seeking blog posts from you about anything student related such as: access issues in their various shapes, to any tips, techniques, as well as socializing in new environments, anecdotes about experiences navigating the system, to experiences with extra curricular activities and internships. Not only those somewhat formal writings, but also informal writings such as any piece of creative writing you may wish to submit. Basically, anything that is apart of the student experience, socially or academically good or bad may be submitted.

As I write this, many of us have moved back into apartments, dorms, etc for the school year and have resumed our busy schedules of classes, homework, extra curricular activities and internships. We at ACB Students wish you the best of luck this semester.